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Cisco ASA5585-S20F20XK9 2U 10000Mbit/s Firewall (Hardware)
ASA 5585-X chassis with SSP-20, FirePOWER SSP-20, 16GE, 4SFP+, 2 AC, 3DES/AES
WatchGuard Firebox M440, Reputation Enabled Defense, 1Y
Reputation Enabled Defense 1-Years for Firebox M440
WatchGuard NGFW Suite Renewal/Upgrade, 1Y, Firebox M400
NGFW Suite Renewal/Upgrade 1-Year for Firebox M400
Cisco ASA 5555-X 1U 2000Mbit/s Firewall (Hardware)
ASA 5555-X with FirePOWER Svcs. Chassis and Subs. Bundle
Cisco L-ASA5508-URL-3Y software license/upgrade
Cisco L-ASA5508-URL-3Y, Open Value Subscription (OVS), 3 year(s)
WatchGuard LiveSecurity Renewal 3Y f/ Firebox M400
LiveSecurity Renewal 3-Years f/ Firebox M400
Cisco L-ASA5506-TAM-3Y software license/upgrade
ASA5506 FirePOWER IPS, Apps and AMP 3YR Subscription
DELL Content Filtering Service
SonicWALL TZ-300 ContentFilter, Premium Business Edition, unlimited nodes, 1Y, ML
WatchGuard Security Suite, Renewal, 3Y, f/ Firebox T50W
Security Suite, Renewal, 3Y, f/ Firebox T50W
WatchGuard Application Control, 1Y, f/ Firebox T30
Application Control, 1Y, f/ Firebox T30
Cisco Meraki LIC-MX84-ENT-3YR software license/upgrade
Enterprise License and Support 3 Years for MX84

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